Kom i gang med spildesign i skolen

With support from the Danish Film Institute, we have developed a set of teaching materials for working with game development in school. You will find them here - ready to download, completely free. The films for teachers and students can be streamed here on the page.

Få hjælp af en spilkonsulent
  • Hack

    When we hack something, we change it or use it for something other than what it was designed for. In this phase, we disassemble the game system and assemble the parts in a new way.

  • Invent

    It can be difficult to come up with a good and original game idea . In this phase, we use games, time pressure and rapid prototyping to develop new game ideas at speed.

  • Create

    Once the idea is in place, you must build a playable prototype and test it. When others play your game, you see it with fresh eyes. You get feedback that can make the game better.

  • Share

    When you yourselves think the game is finished, it's time to share it. You learn how to pitch a game and get tools to evaluate your work process as a game team.

Elevark: Øvelser og designudfordringer

The student sheets take design theory and game mechanics down to a child's level. The Lix number is 20-25, and the illustrations help with understanding. The student sheets are linked to the four phases we work with in Spilværk: In the Hack phase it is about modifying and analyzing games that already exist. In the Invent phase, we practice getting ideas and turning them into prototypes. In the Create phase, it is about planning your production and interdisciplinary collaboration. In the Share phase, we share our game with others, get feedback and evaluate both process and product.

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Film til læreren

What does it really look like when pupils work with game design? How is a classroom transformed into a gaming studio? There are many ways to do it, but in our little film you get some suggestions, and you see what it looked like when Nordre Skole in Viborg threw 140 students into developing board games!

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Film til eleverne

What exactly is a game? What does it mean to hack? How do you get a good idea, and how do you get the idea implemented in practice? How do you give feedback that is constructive and how do you embrace criticism? In the pupil videos, we approach the good questions with creativity and humor. Suitable for flipped learning.

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